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Ground’s broke, screw’s loose

Committed to the layout for the first section of permanent high-tensile fencing. Big shift in planning moves the pigs out back instead of across the road. Watering, feeding, and keeping and eye on pigs gets a whole lot easier this way. Mowed a fence line, picked a corner, and fired up the auger. Got a couple rocks busted up with what-I-will-forever-incorrectly-call a spud bar, and resumed digging. The keyway shaft grub screw decided to back out on me and the auger fell right off the machine. Stupid, no good, low down, dirty, lack of proper planning! I need a helper – it’s getting old without someone else to lay the blame on! It’s after dinner anyway – I’m packed in ’til morning. There’s always time for work before the work day.

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