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Riposte hole digger

No… YOU’RE a fence post!

Six corner braces and one sweeping arc comprise our first – and the most complicated to place – dedicated pasture. Future expansion will be much easier, as we won’t be circumnavigating a pre-existing patch of woods that sits askew to everything else on the property.

The posts will get cut down to about 4′ which should easily accommodate pigs and sheep. It was just more economical in our case to buy longer posts locally than have shorter ones trucked to us. Line post holes are dug, and posts sit in them, listing every way but plumb. They’re next. All it takes is time.

Local horse ranchers hay our fields, and it’s about that time. Thanks to the Warners for keeping the place presentable! First cutting should be any day now (weather permitting), and that’ll make one appealing pasture for the ever nearing pigs (and some Timothy hay for their horses). We’re so appreciative for their help – we don’t have the mechanized or masticating means to keep the grass down yet, so without them, this place would be permanently out of hand.

It’s been a learning experience, and not just because of the hours it affords one to listen to history podcasts. If I had it to plan again, I’d still go about it in the same way, but I still lust after those ($tens-of-thousands) hydraulic post drivers. I’ve pulled out 30-pound rocks in the course of augering holes though, so I can’t say I have a convincing argument for thinking that would be any less painstaking work. Luckily, there is much satisfaction the hard-earned victories.

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