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Greener pastures

On rare occasions, just the right amount of thought goes into a thing, and it goes just like you’d hope it would go. And believe it or not, this was one of those times. When the “welcome home” pen got built, we hinged one side of a hog panel, and pinned the opposite ends to the sides of the shelter with t-posts. Attaching yellow poly wire to the permanent fence on each end lets us partition our larger pasture and expand the pigs’ play space. Pulling the t-posts, and sweeping the panels out the way instantly expanded the pasture area tenfold, and let us keep the shelter and feed/water infrastructure in place. For now.

If my room had looked like this pigsty, my mom probably would’ve let me slide.
That compost isn’t ready for rooting through, sorry mister.
“This was worth venturing from the mud”

We’ll see how long it takes them to find all the wild strawberries – they’re growing like gangbusters all over this year – and we’ll move them onto the next temporary partition when the soil looks turned up enough to scatter ground cover seeds in preparation for grazers and such.

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