About Us

We’re transplants to Berkshire. Nina is a big-city gal by nature, and moved to Central NY to raise her children where they could run around barefoot in the mud and play hide-and-seek in the high grass. Phil came up in the Finger Lakes, treasuring the bounty of Central NY’s farm land, but always too-far removed from the dirt and sweat to feel a connection to it.

Now we are five aspiring farmers, putting down our roots where they can thrive. We raised some chickens that tasted the best we’ve had, so now we raise chickens in limited quantity to share with the community. We free-range the birds that take to it, and rotate the less exercise-inclined chickens daily on pasture. The birds are healthier and happier for it, they fertilize the soil on their way, and we get to offer and enjoy great-tasting chicken that hasn’t been subjected to the misery of large-scale poultry production. Our small-scale approach allows us to give our animals a life of care, deserving of what they provide for us.

We’re omnivores – there’s no two ways about it. We’ve reduced the percentage of animal protein in our diet, and tried the veg life in our best effort to reduce the cataclysmic effect factory farming has on our water and food supply. But now we have an opportunity to enjoy and to provide to others, conscientiously raised livestock. We’re not in the City, or suburbia anymore, and we can offer these animals an enjoyable healthy life, before they provide you and your family with healthy sustainable food. Food you feel great having on your table.