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Chicken shell game

…in which the Cornish get a bigger shelter, the rangers go free, and the turkeys are more or less indifferent to their improved accommodations.

The dog was eager to lend a paw to the process.

A scheduling snafu meant that our turkeys and rangers were in concurrent need of brooder space. Today, the rangers hit the open mowed and made way for the turkeys to get properly settled. The rangers get a covered kennel as home base. They get a couple days to get their bearings, then the door gets swung wide and the chickens roam free.

I was looking for a good solution to a different problem, and found a solution to so many problems I didn’t even know I had yet! If you want to build a something-or-other, check out for connectors designed to work with 3/4″ EMT, or 1/2″ with adapters. Our latest chicken tractor is a 10’x10’x3′ EMT box made with those connectors. Some hardware cloth and a tarp make for dry and secure accommodations.

These guys get put on a fresh patch twice a day, and that equates to about a zillion wild strawberries per bird. That feeder support is drooping, but improvements are being cooked up.

Mark my words, they won’t stay this cute.

These turkeys will be calling the brooder home for a few weeks. They’ve got a really obscene amount of room to spread their tiny wings in that time.

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It’s easy to find help when the chicks are still cute.

Welcoming the year’s first batch of meat chickens to the Wormstead. Next week, our layer flock grows fourfold! More meat chickens after that, then PIGS and TURKEYS! I don’t know if they’re small steps, or huge strides, but it feels good.

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Best place in Berkshire to pick up chicks?


This year’s first batch of Cornish Cross chicks has arrived, and the new Wormstead denizens are settling in comfortably.

“Every time you buy Economy seats, we never get to sit together.”

Their brooder has been moved to a spot that will let us acclimate them to outdoor temperatures in-place, and put them on grass immediately outside when they’re ready.

Poor Tiberius being taunted. And this, after a “Bob’s Assorted Rodents” truck overturned last week. That shallow tub will be a dust bath by the end of tomorrow.

We really dig raising chickens. We’ll care for them, keep them comfy and well-fed, and we promise they’ll only ever have one bad day. The best part of supporting our efforts is the delicious, conscientiously raised pastured poultry that you’ll get to share with your family and friends. You can pre-order from our shop or check back after 8/21 for retail offerings.