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For now, we’re lucky to have the “real thing” on tap, but not everyone has access to the natural moisturizing advantage of an infant’s almost constant flow of drool.

That’s why we were inspired to put together this blend of jojoba, almond, and castor oils. Jojoba mimics your skin’s natural oil, so it readily absorbs into and moisturizes your skin and hair. Almond and castor oils have long been used to promote beard health and growth. Vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants add to the skin and hair care appeal of Baby Drool.

No fragrances are added to Baby Drool beard oil, other than what the oils naturally bring to the party. Any faint dairy notes, or a sticky consistency may indicate you are using your own baby’s actual baby drool, and not our Baby Drool beard oil.

Jojoba oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Castor Oil

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