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Superfeed your beard with avocado oil

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We can hear the eye-rolls from here, but what can we say – we’re millennials.¬† Avocado might be the second-most polarizing topic these days, but the health benefits of their fatty acid and vitamin content have made them more popular than ever. Avocado oil makes up a little less than half of the “O.C.i.A.” mixture. The Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and lecithin that it contains strengthen and add luster to your beard.

“O.C.i.A.” will do whatever the manly equivalent of nourishment is, feeding your skin and beard so they have¬† fighting chance of protecting you from the elements.

Jojoba oil absorbs easily into your skin without leaving residue (many use 100% jojoba for their beard, as it absorbs so fully and moisturizes so effectively). Grapeseed oil helps maintain and restore skin elasticity, and has antimicrobial properties that make it popular in preventing or treating acne outbreaks.

You won’t find any added fragrances in the mix, but you’ll enjoy the natural nutty aroma and earthy undertone in “Of COURSE it’s Avocado” beard oil.

Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Grapeseed Oil

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